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Where expats meet, develop and launch their ideas

Thrive in your host country, strengthen your cultural intelligence and be an expat entrepreneur.

Building your business in a foreign country is like diving in a vast ocean. Your skill sets should be aligned with what you want and how you want to do it in order to thrive and flourish.

The EDGE by Anemo will accompany aspiring and existing expat entrepreneurs in harnessing their innate potentials, developing their entrepreneurial ideas and linking them with other like-minded individuals, potential partners and supporters through virtual or face to face networking sessions.

Program Glimpse

Application and  Pre-Qualification

Curious Highly Skilled Expat will complete an Online Application Form and an Eligibility Test for possible Funding of his/her formation.

Blended Learning Experiences

Once accepted, the highly skilled expat will participate in blended learning experiences such as Distance Gamified Learning, Coaching Sessions and Live Trainings.

Networking Sessions

They will also be able to join a community of expatriates and entrepreneurs through different networking events to be able to find potential partners, investors and early adapters. 

Transform yourself, elevate your edge and launch your Business!

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