Based on an innovative pedagogical approach drawing on social neuroscience and hybrid microlearning methods or 'Blended Nano-Learning', Anemo seeks to transform the cultural and cognitive diversity of teams into a resource for organisations.

Coaching :

Anemo supports entrepreneurs and executives, managers and trainers in achieving their objectives through cultural intelligence or "CQ" via our 3C method.


Due to its expertise in cultural intelligence, we also support organisations in cultural transformation.  Our neuro-scientific reference framework enables us to identify the 'hot spots' and 'critical incidents' to be worked on within an organisation to make it more inclusive and attractive (engagement)


This offer is primarily aimed at public and para-public actors (State, local authorities, operators of essential services... 


The first training organisation dedicated to the development of cultural intelligence, Anemo offers you a catalogue of training courses to develop intercultural skills and learn to extract the full potential of cultural and cognitive diversity.