A team where cultural and cognitive diversity is centered

At Anemo CQ, our ambition is to rethink intercultural management in order to transform the cultural and cognitive diversity of teams into a true strategic resource for organisations. Actively engaged in the creation of an inclusive company, where difference is perceived as it is, far from any moralizing or self-righteous discourse, we have built a transdisciplinary team ready to take up the challenges related to diversity management in organizations.

We are already looking forward to meet you

Vandolph Corpuz

Learning experience designer specialised in the creation of intercultural training courses for learners in Europe and Asia.

He is responsible for the support service for expatriates in France.

Juan E. Marcos

Pedagogue and trainer with more than 15 years of experience in training projects in a mutilcultural context in Europe and Latin America.

He is the co-founder and the CEO of Anemo CQ.

Katerina Zekopoulos

Due to missions that she had accomplished in Belgium and France on digital inclusion projects for seniors, she was specialised in intergenerational challenges.

She is responsible for communication and development.

Filomena Aliperti

With her wide experience in the field of disability, she joined Anemo as a

training project manager.

Her challenge is to work fo the valorisation of intercultural skills
in the labour market. 

Radia Mehenni

As a result of her training experience in soft skills and international cooperation, she recently graduated in education sciences.

She is an expert project manager in diversity issues.

Soumee Bathacharya

A neuroscientist with more than 10 years of experience in research with muticultural teams in France, Germany and India.

She is responsible for the R&D department.

Leslie Palmier

In charge of professional integration projects and expert in human ressources and law.

She guides/accompanies foreign talents towards bringing out the hidden potential in them.

Swann Taalbi

Community manager, he is in charge of social media management, he is  developing an expertise in

international management.

He contributes to the expansion of

Anemo on a European level.